HDPE (High Density Poly Ethelene) is a raw material for HDPE Plastic type which is commonly produced in the form of plastic bag, plastic roll and plastic sheet.
Indonesian people in their daily life know the term HDPE plastic bags with HD bags, kresek bags, asoy bags, HD plastic bags, or shopping bags.
We produce HDPE Plastics by applying Production Standards and Quality Management to produce Hygienic and High Quality products.

HDPE Plastic Types & Usage Applications:
1. HDPE Anti Heat Plastic Bag (HD ATP)
2. Use for hot / hot liquor packaging bags, hot foods or beverages
3. HDPE Plastic Bag (HD)
4. Use as a practical bag to carry a variety of groceries everyday
5. Plastic Bag HDPE Roll (HD Roll)
6. Use as a practical bag fills fruits, vegetables or other items and is also common as a wrapping of photocopy paper / other documents.
7. Plastic HDPE Alas (HD Sheet)
8. Use as a base / coating of hot or hot food containers or as food wrappers and other items.

We also accept HDPE Plastic Plastic Orders both Plain and Printing according to size, color and design printing of consumer demand.