PT.TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA was established on 9 July 1988 by Mr. Soegiarto  with Mr.Jusri and Mr. Hidayat. The company was engaged in  trading and on 26 July 1988 the company changed for share ownership  . In 1990-PT TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA made a change  for the business of commodities into a producer of blown film monolayer with a  capacity of 350 tons per year.

PT TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA in 1996 adds product variants to  film producers with 3 (three) types of plastic products namely pp (polypropylene),  hdpe (highdensity polyethylene), and lldpe (low linear density). On 20 september  2013- PT TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA obtained halal certificate with  no 02170002780911

In the year 2014 exactly on the 6th of March-PT TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA  experience system improvement by obtaining certificate iso 9001: 2008 no qec30421  quality management system. Year 2017-PT TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA  upgrade its quality management system with iso 9001: 2015 certificate.

At this time in 2017 the organizational structure-PT TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA  with commissioner mother saniyem and president director cc sukardi soegiarto.
Since 1988, -PT TRIGUNUNG PADUTAMA has been trusted to meet the needs of  trigunung plastic bags to various consumers with various dimensions of size.

Customer satisfaction is the main thing for us, so we are  committed to provide quality product guarantees, it provides a sense of  security and comfort in the use of trigunung products.
We provide 7 (seven) trigunung plastic advantages:
1. Halal certified
2. Safe for food
3. Hygienic
4. Odorless
5. Can be recycled
6. Not easily torn
7. Money-back guarantee