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Welcome to Sumber Waja

Sumber Waja established in 1976, is a national leading supplier of industrial pumps and supporting technologies in indonesia. Sumber Waja strives to meet our customer’s fluid transfer application needs by providing solutions to some of the world’s toughest application challenges that our customer face today. We are dedicated to provide the best pumping solutions that will positively impact our customers. learn more…

Our Markets

Sumber Waja focuses on providing solutions to customers across a wide array of markets and industries. Our core competencies span four core markets that expand to cover nearly every aspect of daily life.replica rolex

Our Services

Sumber Waja strives to provide the highest level of service to our customers by delivering top-notch technical and after sales service.
  • Technical Consultancy & Training

  • Commisioning

  • Maintenance & Repair

  • System Optimization

  • Original Spare Parts & Service Kits

  • Framework Agreements

Our Products

Sumber Waja’s strenth comes from our people, our values, and our products. Sumber Waja features some of the world’s premier pumps. Many of our products have built long-lasting relationships by solving our customer’s fluid transfer application problems. Many of our products continue to advance and innovate their technologies by developing market-driven solutions that are practical, sustainable and efficient. Sumber Waja represents a commitment to our customers by offering them safe, quality, reliable and with the best delivery time in our industry.